The Truth About Abortion- Full Transcript Now Complete

Hey folks, forgive me for the crazy hiatus on posts. I have some pretty brilliant news to share, but which I also need to keep under wraps for only a short while longer. Anyhow, here is the full transcript for “The Truth About Abortion”- the new documentary by Pastor Anderson.

The Truth About Abortion- Full English Transcript


Live Q and A with Pastor Anderson- In 1 HOUR!

Hey all, if you read this in time, and you haven’t yet been made aware, Pastor Anderson is going to be hosting a live question and answer session via his youtube channel, as you can see by following the link below- IN ABOUT ONE HOUR! The number to call to talk to the Pastor and ask your question is (480) 758-4348 . Otherwise, you can leave a question in the comments section.

Live Q and A With Mrs Anderson, and New French Translations!

Update- Live Q&A complete CLICK HERE to view

CHECK THIS OUT. Another double whammy for loyal readers out there- Pastor Anderson’s wife, Zsuszanna, will be hosting a live-streamed question and answer session within the next 24 hours on youtube. Anyone interested will be able to head over to Pastor Anderson’s Sanderson1611 channel, to tune in and get the answers to those nagging questions that have been eating away at your head like a spider in your ear.

As if that wasn’t brilliant enough… Olivier, the brilliant frenchman has generously dedicated his time to translating not only Israel Moment number 4, but also the chart for the chronology of the book of Revelation. Both are now nestling amidst the other fine work by himself and Stella in the transcription library. For those of you wondering when my next big batch of transcriptions is coming in- don’t worry. I have some more Spanish translations on the way, and am still continuing to learn the ropes of stenography, which will allow me to pump out transcriptions at a much faster rate.

To find out more about the live Q and A, click below.

Dan Bidondi of Infowars and Truth Radio Interviews Pastor Anderson

Hey all, just a quick update to let you know Pastor Anderson had an hour long interview with Dan Bidondi of Infowars fame, now on his own show “Truth Radio”. The two talked about the tribulation, New World Order Bible versions, Big Pharma, Demonic possession, Marching to Zion and other signs of the times. Enjoy, and check out the media library to download the interview to your phone etc..

Daniel’s 70th Week Chart in French? Brilliant!

Click here to see the greatness.

Well, in a completely unexpected, yet nonetheless brilliant move, Olivier Desvignes- one of two great french citizens that are now contributing to the ongoing translation project- sent this excellent piece of labour my way for my perusal.

I must say, without a doubt, both Olivier and Stella are proving to be incredibly helpful. This in particular will prove to be of excellent use for any French natives seeking to familiarise themselves with the events of Revelation.

I thought this piece of news deserved it’s own post- if there is ever a french version of “After the Tribulation” released, this chart will definitely come in handy.

First Online Church Service Ever!

UntitledWell, for those brave international fans of sound preaching who were willing to make the danger-fraught midnight pilgrimage to their nearest computer, a magnificent sight was to be seen, this ‘ere weekend gone- the very first ever live-streamed sermon from Faithful Word Baptist Church. As expected, it was a success, with around 120 people tuning in from parts of the globe as far flung as Sweden, England and India. The time difference here in Sydney is about 18 hours ahead, so I armed myself with about 3 cups of concentrated “Joe”, dug into my seat, and waited for services to begin. Loading up the page at around 4.25am, there were already a few like myself, ready to catch a glimpse of another small step in the history of what is shaping up to be a pivotal church in the history of- if not just Arizona- the United States as a whole. Those present chatted genially, exchanging nationalities, and in general, taking the time to generally thank the Lord Jesus for the very existence of the church, and to express a desire to be present among the congregation.

It was perhaps this point, that I found myself most thankful for, as I observed both the relatively short sermon, and the conversations that took place throughout it’s duration. Thankful I was, as I chatted to the 120-odd members of that ragtag impromptu “e-congregation”, to know that there were others out there with a personal stake in the development of the Church. Now, before I get carried away, perhaps there are those who would think it odd to be so invested in the success of an organisation of which one has no physical part.

Nevertheless, I would argue that this is the kind of response that a knowledge of this church naturally and quite rightly produces in the starved Christian. In fact, in a world full of piss-weak preachers, Baptist dispensationalist popery, and an ever increasing list of “ministries” that involve everything except fulfilling the great commission, it is HARD to not wish the best for one of the resolute few that refuse to bow the knee, one of the very few that truly walk the walk. Indeed, it has to be said, that it is not only the excellent, sound preaching coming from the pulpit out there in Arizona that commands the attention of the Christian. It is the knowledge that every week, behind that camera shot of the Pastor, is a church family willing to heed the call and to go and preach the word to the lost. It is not just the frequent news reports aimed at the Pastor Steven L Anderson, these are just the occasional and expected flash points in a slowly unfolding war.

No, THIS is why there are so many willing to awake at ungodly hours, and to sit staring at a cold screen, to rejoice with a congregation singing hymns that we have not stood among, and to hear the word of God preached by a man we have not yet met. We do it because it is one of the very few churches left that reminds us that this is indeed a war we are entangled in. We do it because with every slam of the pulpit, and every Amen of that congregation, we are reminded that there is work to do. We awake and arise, and count it a special thing to talk with our brethren scattered throughout the globe, because even from so great a distance, it is blatantly obvious that this congregation is a great example of dedicated workers. We know that this kind of preaching ought to be thundering from every pulpit in not only America, but the world.

In any case (and perhaps long story short), it was a blessing to watch the church take another in a long line of steps forward. If you love the liberty that comes from obedience to the law of Almighty God, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, please take the time to pray that this church might continue to fulfill His will. God bless all those that worship the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and in truth.

Titus 1:9 | “Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.”

Media Library, and Church Services are Now Live

Don’t click here

Ahoy there,

I’ve completed most of the work to assemble a library of Pastor Anderson’s media appearances, which is now live. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be adding more information and videos, depending upon what I can find, and also, upon reader contributions. By clicking on an image in the library, readers will be able to view the corresponding interview/video on my youtube channel.

Excellent news by the way, Pastor Anderson is set to begin streaming church services live, so make sure to share the good news with your friends- let’s get this preaching out there, hey.

As always, just to maintain my sanity, I have knocked together a video of Pastor Anderson replying to a recent question by Jay Leno. You can view that thingimijigger here.

1 Timothy 1:5 – “Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and [of] a good conscience, and [of] faith unfeigned”.