The fight against perversion continues, a new frontier…


As the days rapidly fall off the calender, it becomes increasingly obvious that the day in which the United States will collapse is fast approaching. Nevertheless, even in these final hours, we see a new breed of preacher being raised up to rail against the filth and decadence. Men like Pastor Roger Jimenez, Pastor Dave Berzins, and Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist, as well as others. 

Ironically, what makes these men “new”, is their old fashioned sense of the Bible, and willingness to RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD, and to rip some face on the very things the “old” breed have long forgotten the importance of, or simply never learnt because of the prevailing doctrinal corruption within unscriptural “Bible colleges”.

With the help of God (and the readership), hopefully this blog will prove to be a reliable source of RAW TRANSCRIPTS of sermons, and other necessary information. It is my hope that the transcripts I supply will be used by servants of the Lord, to be translated into other languages so that these scriptural, doctrinal truths from these sermons can reach as many ears as possible. 


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