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If you have been listening to sermons online or otherwise from FWBC for even a small length of time now, it is probably patently clear that the preaching you will find there is not in any way common to IFB churches, sadly. Or at least not common enough, given that it is the truth being preached from the pulpit all the way out there in the scorching heat of Arizona. Nevertheless, if you are enterprising enough, you can be a part of the change, if only you are willing to invest some of your time and transcribe a few sermons. 

At the moment, I’m busy wearing down me fingers to the bone typing away on me lonesome, but I hold out hope that this site will be picked up by a remnant of hardcore court-reporter types, or even plover enthusiasts, and will become a training ground for a new generation of diligent students of the Bible, willing to cut their teeth by hammering out the words of good old fashioned preacher man. If that’s you, by all means message me, and let’s get this thing done.

It’s an overused phrase- “the Infowar”- but nevertheless, we are in the midst of one, and right now, we have a perfect chance to help out in the fight in the simplest way, by taking out the keyboard and typing away. You never know, the sermon you transcribe could be translated and become the next sermon that stirs up controversy and causes the preaching of God’s Word to be heard by even more people out in the Joel Osteen wastelands of this world. 

Anyhow. I suggest if you are serious about helping out, that we go about this with a few ideas in mind.
1) Listing all biblical quotes used in each sermon transcribed
2) Writing a general “blurb” for the sermon
3) Writing down the topics covered, keywords referenced, people, places, things mentioned etc
4) Writing down any quotable quotes
5) Writing out a cliff note version, or “sermon in a nutshell”
6) Writing out any interesting facts mentioned- either about the church, Pastor Anderson, or general facts mentioned in the course of the sermon
7) Doing all of the above with the idea in mind of being able to add all of the above to a searchable database, that way people who are looking for Pastor Anderson’s comments on a particular topic can search for certain keywords. 

I think the real genius is in that last point, simply because it will undoubtedly come to pass that certain of the Pharisees will come looking for dirt on Pastor Anderson, quotes etc. And as with other figures of notoriety, their attempts to slander his reputation will likely backfire, Lord willing. I would refer anyone who doubts this notion to the popularity gained, and the number of new listeners following the tazing incident. 

Now, my point is not to lift up one particular man. I am just a realist, and I can see that for obvious reasons, God is using Pastor Anderson to proclaim His word and to bring glory to His name, the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. I just hope there are others out there who see the value in taking the opportunity to facilitate that happening. 

God bless you mighty keyboard warriors, ha.


6 thoughts on “Transcription Ideas

  1. Hello Mate …I can help you watch the sermons and list all biblical quotes used in each sermon transcribed along with the time stamp ( i.e the time where he used the bible verse )

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  2. Excellent! If you can find any quotable quotes also that would be brilliant, particularly for “The Jews and Their Lies” parts 1 and 2, and “Who are the Real Jews?”, as these are sermons of which I have completed the transcriptions.

    I have noticed that during the course of his sermons, Pastor Anderson has a habit of reframing a false doctrine in such a concise and at times humorous way, that it is hard to NOT see the ridiculousness of that particular false doctrine. If you check out my transcription for “After the Tribulation”, you will see that my intention was to create a visually appealing transcript, for later study. I also suspect- as I said in my post- that God will use these hot button quotes to inflame the heretics and pharisees, and hopefully to help these doctrinal truths spread.

    Right now, I need all the help I can get- this is not a one man job here, I really need the help of some dedicated typists and translators. The goal would be to have all of Pastor Anderson’s sermons translated into Spanish, and perhaps also dubbed and subbed in as many different other languages as possible.

    Iron sharpeneth iron, and also a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

    If you like, you can email me with any quotes that you have. I greatly appreciate the help.


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