Revelation chapter 1 complete

Good news, the cleaned up version of the transcript of the Book of Revelation, part 1 of 22 is complete. Here it is in all it’s fullness-
The book of Revelation 1 
Looking forward to seeing the fruit of this work- i.e, someone using it to add subtitles to the sermons, to translate out into chinese, german etc. 

There will be more to come soon, as this is basically the next major project that I am embarking on, by the end I hope to have a little more just straight transcripts, I’ll keep my currently tiny readership posted. Also hoping someone takes some initiative and begins transcribing NWO Bible versions. No doubt that will end up translated at some point, in the same fashion as Después de la Tribulación”

Maybe I’ve just been staring into the transcriptionist’s abyss too long, but I’m excited about seeing this movie ruffle some feathers and win some souls, specially with the currently *ahem* slightly increasing *ahem* number of amigo’s slipping over the border. 

You know, I remember hearing Pastor Anderson say in a sermon something like “you can tell God doesn’t care about money, because he paved the streets of Heaven with gold”. I was thinking about that today and I came across this quote…
“If you want to know what God thinks about money, just look at the people He gives it to” 
Say no more….


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