Spanish Momentos de Israel!

Alright, well, in all honesty I’m kenny ackered. Knackered for the non-english, that is. I’ve been staring at a computer screen till me eyeballs have fallen out of me head, but nevertheless, after fixing them back into place with some bits and bobs, and the odd bit of cellotape and blu-tack, I managed to soldier on and get a fair bit done recently. 

I’ve had been angling heavily for a friend to help me translate the Israel Moments, and my angling seems to have paid off. Here it is, a baby step in the right direction, the first Momento de Israel, numero uno.
 Momento de Israel #1- Cristianos son Ciudadanos de Israel

On top of that, I’ve managed to finish another bucketload of Israel Moments, as well as to upload the videos with english captions- great stuff! Am I mad for looking forward to seeing the finished cut of “Marching to Zion”? Maybe I am. But at least not as mad as the false doctrine coming out of Bryan Denlinger. Egads… Seriously though, pray for the feller. 

Spread the word, ol’ tiny readership o’ mine, will yer? I know someone out there hasn’t bowed the knee to QWERTY and is willing and able to transcribe and translate these sermons. 

Anyway, enough prattle. Thus saith the Lord, “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool’s voice is known by multitude of words.” Ecclesiastes 5:3

If you love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and in truth, God bless you.


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