How to help out, a beginner guide for keyboard warriors

Stella, a native french speaker recently posted the following on the blog:

 “I am in France and basically a native french speaker. I have been wondering how or what you could do in order to make [Pastor Anderson’s] preaching available for a French speaking audience as well. If you have ever thought of it, can I be of a help? I actually speak and understand 3 languages (French, English and Russian).”

Straight out the gate, I have to say, brilliant! The more the merrier. I’m guessing that there are perhaps a few out there who might like to know how I have went about things, if nothing else but to show a simple and effective way to help. And so to those people, the following simple guide should help.

Step 1) Download the videos you would like to translate with a reliable service, such as clipconverter. (If anyone knows of a faster and more reliable way to download entire playlists at a time, let me know)
Step 2) Upload the videos onto Youtube. Making sure to add A LOT of relevant and enticing tags to attract visitors to your channel.
Step 3) You must first provide the English subtitles, to make this easier for yourself. So, upload either the .srt files (which I will provide on this site shortly), or manually transcribe the video, or better yet, copy and paste the entire text from the transcripts available here into the Youtube “transcribe and set timings” text box, found in the “subtitles and cc” page for your uploaded video. When you have done this, click “set timings”. Youtube will now automatically sync the text to the video- this is the magic part that saves you a lot of messing around. 
Step 4) Now that that is complete, simply go back into the “Subtitles and CC” page and add a new language, this time in the target language, such as french. Then simply translate the provided subtitled English text, which you added earlier, box by box. Obviously a quicker way would be to simply transcibe straight off the bat, using Youtube’s brilliant built in transcribe and sync tool, but I am assuming that the translator is not yet at a professional level, and thus requires time to go over the work, piece by piece.

This may seem daunting, but for those who don’t live over in Arizona, it’s a great way to contribute to the work being done over at FWBC. It’s a blessing just to see the comments and feedback, and to know that your translations, by the hand of God can be used to get sound preaching to ears that would otherwise not be exposed to it. 

Proverbs 22:29 – Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.


One thought on “How to help out, a beginner guide for keyboard warriors

  1. Hello Simon, thank you for the post and all the details. I actually started to do some subtitling today and followed your instructions. It was pretty easy, but I had to do it differently and a little bit because of a different language. But thank God I already did one video and hopefully youtube improves some of its settings for languages others than English! 🙂 I however do not know how to create a mirror channel on youtube, but I already had my own channel and posted the video there. Here is a link of the video:
    I also posted the transcriptions on my site , I have few visitors on the site per day, hopefully they will read the transcriptions.

    God bless!!!


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