Egads! What have I done? (On Finishing What You Start)

Egads. I know of no other way to express the conundrum that I am in. There are more than 5 major tasks that I have clinging onto my back like gremlins, and have allowed myself to become bogged down and sidetracked. I was happily consoling the fact that I am at least keeping busy, but then Pastor Anderson went and preached a sermon about finishing what you start. Erg. Since I set up this blog, I have had, and I continue to have great hopes for using it as a platform to further publish the sound preaching abroad. The ideas have been coming to me in a thick rush, and honestly, it’s been a test to this novice to sort the important wheat from the unnecessary chaff, and to set aside those things which need to be set aside. As far as my translations are concerned, I’ve been very largely helped by teachers to accomplish the professional quality that I have thus far managed- believe me, if it were my job to translate on my own, it wouldn’t be pretty. But nevertheless, the challenge of continuing to update the transcription library, along with learning Spanish, transcribing, uploading videos etc, whilst memorising scripture, reading praying, working etc,  is one that very easily runs off like a wild and drunken beast of hell, when it is not chained down by a wise master.

If nothing else, I am learning fast just what kind of work ethic Pastor Anderson must have to raise 8 children,  have a content wife, run a church, memorise 200+ chapters of scripture, write a piano/Greek/Hebrew/Spanish curriculum, produce 3 excellent films, speak german and spanish etc. These projects a small but interesting window into the well developed discipline necessary to remotely think about filling the shoes of a Pastor.

Revelation 3 is pretty much complete. There are a big bunch of translations on the way- Israel moments. Forgive me for the lull in activity. I am on the way (when I complete Mathew) to memorising a little less than one quarter of the scriptures that Pastor Anderson has- about 50 chapters of the New Testament. The lull has been a direct result of my realisation that I have been placing the need to transcribe above the need to rightly divide the word for myself, and to maintain that which I have already learnt.

The lull is also due to the fact that a recent video I posted on youtube “Debunk this! 30 reasons the pre-trib rapture is a lie!” has drawn me into some lengthy conversations about the post-trib rapture with some pre-tribbers. I am beginning to think that posting the video was akin to opening Pandora’s Box.

There’s much more to come. Man o man, where to begin?

For posterity, here is the laundry list of things to do
– Record the post-trib moments in Spanish
– Post a video with all post-trib moments combined with subtitles
– Do the same for all Israel Moments with subtitles
– Mystery interview- keep your eyes out
– Complete Spanish translation of New World Order Bible versions, Marching to Zion, Revelation series
– Complete transcriptions of New World Order Bible versions, Marching to Zion, Revelation series
– Post up transcriptions/translations of all Israel Moments when complete
– Learn Steno to workable speed
– Attain unto level of Spanish so I no longer require a guide for translations
– Post a “master file” of ALL transcriptions completed so far, so users will be able to search sermons for info on a particular topic.
– Post translated/ transcribed videos up on YT

One step at a time.

“The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain. Therefore let no man glory in men. For all things are yours; Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world, or life, or death, or things present, or things to come; all are yours; And ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s.” 1 Corinthians 3:20-23


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