Every Interview with Pastor Anderson… Ever- All in the one place

Well, almost, ha.

I just spent a night scrounging around the interwebs to see what I could find of Pastor Anderson, as regards media appearances. So far I have found 37 different interviews, spanning from 2006 to 2014. This is by no means completely exhaustive, and I’m hoping that readers to this blog will help to contribute to the list.

You might ask why I am doing this, and it would certainly be a fair question. It is not out of blind worship. Rather, I believe that Pastor Anderson is a public figure whose popularity and public presence will grow, and as such, I believe that it will be beneficial to those seeking a balanced view of his character and history in the spotlight, to have access to a collection of all of his media appearances.

Also, I believe that although Pastor Anderson is, like the rest of us a sinner, he is definitely a fine example of a servant of God. As such, I believe he is a person worthy of study, for other men to learn from. There are also many who wish some less-than favourable things would happen to the man. So for the sake of keeping things fair, I intend to allow my gathering of publicly available information to provide a level-headed counterbalance against the tide of hatred and propaganda that has thus far been aimed at both himself and unfortunately, his family. For anybody doubting this, feel free to read the comments of this lady:

Pervert-Curses-pastor-Anderson-and-his-familyEditors note: I understand full well that our leader is Jesus Christ the Lord. So I am not intending to glorify the creature, rather than the creator. The fact is though, that there are many who, having no familiarity with the character of a sound preacher, have been misled into believing that the piss-weak, effeminate heretical cardboard cut-out like Joel Osteens of this world are representative of true “men of God”. I hope that my attempts to provide Pastor Steven Anderson with publicity work some way towards eradicating that foolish notion in the mind of the public.


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