Live Q and A With Mrs Anderson, and New French Translations!

Update- Live Q&A complete CLICK HERE to view

CHECK THIS OUT. Another double whammy for loyal readers out there- Pastor Anderson’s wife, Zsuszanna, will be hosting a live-streamed question and answer session within the next 24 hours on youtube. Anyone interested will be able to head over to Pastor Anderson’s Sanderson1611 channel, to tune in and get the answers to those nagging questions that have been eating away at your head like a spider in your ear.

As if that wasn’t brilliant enough… Olivier, the brilliant frenchman has generously dedicated his time to translating not only Israel Moment number 4, but also the chart for the chronology of the book of Revelation. Both are now nestling amidst the other fine work by himself and Stella in the transcription library. For those of you wondering when my next big batch of transcriptions is coming in- don’t worry. I have some more Spanish translations on the way, and am still continuing to learn the ropes of stenography, which will allow me to pump out transcriptions at a much faster rate.

To find out more about the live Q and A, click below.


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