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If you find any footage of Pastor Anderson of the church online, download it- I have found that a lot of footage of Pastor Anderson has a habit of disappearing.

Dan Bidondi 11-12-2014
Main Topic: After the Tribulation, NWO Bibles, Big Pharma, Demon Possession
Duration: 0:57:50       Download

Kent Hovind 11-11-2014
Main Topic: Kent Hovind’s Legal Battle, New charges laid
Duration: 0:47:53       Download

sheilaSheila Zilinsky 11-2-2014
Main Topic: Border Patrol Incident, Manliness, After The Tribulation, NWO Bibles
Duration: 1:16:41       Download

Freedoms phoenixFreedoms Phoenix 10-28-2014
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:51:20       Download

abc15ABC15 10-17-2014
Main Topic: Arizona Gay Marriage Law
Duration: 0:01:36       Download

mqdefaultGianluca Zanna 6-8-2014
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:40:09       Download

thom hartmannThom Hartmann Show 5-1-2014
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:09:09       Download

niall boylan1Niall Boylan Irish Radio approx 4-11-2014
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:53:10       Download

AJ 2 12 14Alex Jones 2-12-2014
Main Topic: Media Coverage of Christian Deaths, Noah Movie, Satanic Hollywood, NWO Bible Versions
Duration: 0:11:00       Download

james whiteDr. James White 2014
Main Topic:
Duration: 2:32:49       Download


irishIrish Radio 11-6-2013
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:14:02       Download

wretchedWretched 10-23-2013
Main Topic: Witnessing to Border Patrol Spetznatz
Duration: 0:01:50       Download

AJ 5 29 13Alex Jones Uploaded 5-29-2013
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:20:13       Download

AJ 2 1 13Alex Jones 2-1-2013
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:20:35       Download


vinny eastwoodVinny Eastwood 12-13-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:31:18       Download

RoxyRoxy Lopez 12-12-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 1:47:11       Download

irish 2Irish Radio FM 104 approx 7-19-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:50:41       Download

AJ 7 13 12Alex Jones 7-13-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 59:57       Download

niall boylan2Niall Boylan Irish Radio Approx 5-24-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:53:08       Download

US Radio 2-20-2012
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:38:31       Download


Alex Jones 8-18-2010
Main Topic:  Victory After Legal Battle With Border Patrol
Duration: 0:19:45       Download

HELP Program 2010 Part 1
Main Topic: Liberty, Border Patrol incident, God given rights
Duration: 0:26:07       Download

HELP Program 2010 Part 2
Main Topic: Liberty, Border Patrol incident, God given rights
Duration: 0:26:08       Download

ABC15 12-01-2010
Main Topic: FWBC  Labeled a Hate Group
Duration: 0:01:44       Download



KNXV-TV 9-8-2009
Main Topic: Protests over “Why I Hate Barack Obama” Sermon
Duration: 0:01;38       Download

Associated Press 9-7-2009
Main Topic: “Why I Hate Barack Obama” Sermon
Duration: 0:02:08       Download

Alex Jones 9-03-2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:36:45       Download

Michaelangelo Signorile 8-31-2009
Main Topic: “Why I Hate Barack Obama” Sermon,
Duration: 0:16:00       Download

RationalRadio 8-30-2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:29:20       Download

CNN Secret Service 8-28-2009
Main Topic: Secret Service Visited Pastor Anderson
Duration: 0:00:41       Download

Young Turks 8-26-2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:10:04       Download

Alan Colmes August 2009
Main Topic: Sodomites, Death of Barack Obama, Laws
Duration: 0:37:27       Download

Pastor Tim Coleman 6-11-2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:12:43       Download

Freedom Fighter Radio June 2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:59:57       Download

Alex Jones 4-21-2009
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:29:48       Download

CBS5 Uploaded 4-19-2009
Main Topic: Border Patrol Incident
Duration: 0:02:51       Download

Freedom’s Phoenix TV 4-18-2009
Main Topic: Border Patrol Incident, Pastor Anderson, Family, Church, Constitutional Rights
Duration: 0:10:20       Download


Bible Memory 2006
Main Topic:
Duration: 0:04:23       Download


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