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Ongoing projects include, Momentos de Israel,
Momentos Pos-Tribulación, And the Book of Revelation series.
Keep your eyes out for updates…

Bible way to heaven
El Camino Biblico al Cielo
Le chemin pour le Paradis, selon la Bible

The Book of Revelation 1
The Book of Revelation 2
The Book of Revelation 3
The Book of Revelation 4
The Book of Revelation 5
The Book of Revelation 6
The Book of Revelation 7
The Book of Revelation 8
The Book of Revelation 9
The Book of Revelation 10

The Jews and Their Lies Part One
The Jews and Their Lies Part Two
Who Are The Real Jews
After The Tribulation
Shall We Continue In Sin


Israel Moment #1 Christians are Citizens of Israel
Israel Moment #2 So-Called Jews Not Real Jews
Israel Moment #3 Jewish Synagogue Synagogue of Satan
Israel Moment #4 Revelation 3:9 On the Synagogue of Satan
Israel Moment #5 Christians Inherit the Promises of Abraham
Israel Moment #6 All Nations Blessed Through Abraham
Israel Moment #7 Christ Rejecting Jews are Children of the Devil
Israel Moment #8 Abraham is not the Father of the Jews
Israel Moment #9 The Holy Nation is Made up of All True Christians
Israel Moment #10 Israel is no Longer the Holy Nation
Israel Moment #11 All Unbelieving Jews Have Been Cast Off
Israel Moment #12 The Jews are Our Enemies
Israel Moment #13 When Will the Blindness of Israel End
Israel Moment #14 The Physical Nation of Israel Has Been Replaced
Israel Moment #15 Jews Are Anti-Christs
Israel Moment #16 Jews Worship a Different God than Christians
Israel Moment #17 Taking Part in the Jew’s Evil Deeds
Israel Moment #18 Military Support for Israel
Israel Moment #19 Avoid Genealogies
Israel Moment #20 Jews Don’t Believe the Torah
Israel Moment #21 Unbelieving Jews are under God’s Wrath
Israel Moment #22 The Jews Killed Jesus
Israel Moment #23 Dark Forces Behind Israel Becoming a Nation
Israel Moment #24 Jews are Spiritually Ishmael
Israel Moment #25 Jews Persecuting Christians
Israel Moment #26 The Jews are the Racists
Israel Moment #27 The Elect Chosen People Will Not be Deceived
Israel Moment #28 The Elect _chosen_ are Justified by Christ
Israel Moment #29 The Elect Chosen Are In Christ Colossians 3 11 12
Israel Moment #30 Salvation is what makes us elect in the New Testament
Israel Moment #31 Jews Read the Bible Blindfolded
Israel Moment #32 Jews Worship a False god Named Shekinah
Israel Moment #33 The Star of David is a Fraud
Israel Moment #34 Uncircumcised Jews in the OT Were NOT Gods People
Israel Moment #35 Becoming a Jew Esther 8 17
Israel Moment #36 Today’s Jews Are Uncircumcised in Heart
Israel Moment #37 What is the Talmud
Israel Moment #38 Jesus in the Talmud
Israel Moment #39 Creepy Passage in the Talmud about Jesus
Israel Moment #40 Israel is a Spiritual Sodom and Gomorrha
Israel Moment #41 The Sodomite Pride of Tel Aviv
Israel Moment #42 More Scripture Calling Israel a Spiritual Sodom
Israel Moment #43 Israel is the Cursed Fig Tree
Israel Moment #44 The Reblossoming Fig Tree Fraud
Israel Moment #45 They are NOT All Israel which are of Israel
Israel Moment #46 God is NOT with Israel’s Armies
Israel Moment #47 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Israel Moment #48 Let the Unbelieving Jews be Anathema
Israel Moment #49 Ashkenazi Jews are Actually Gentiles

KJV Minutes ALL 21
KJV Minute #1 Mark 10:24 in the NIV makes salvation hard
KJV Minute #2 ESV is Perfect for Those Who Deny the Blood
KJV Minute #3 The NKJV makes Salvation a Process
KJV Minute #4 NLT Corrupts 1 Timothy 3:16 New Living Translation
KJV Minute #5 NIV Changes Son of God to Son of Man
KJV Minute #6 NIV Removes the Best Verse on the Trinity
KJV Minute #7 NASB and ESV corrupt 1 Peter 2:2
KJV Minute #8 NKJV makes Salvation Difficult
KJV Minute #9 NIV and NLT have Calvinist Leanings
KJV Minute #10 NIV is not faithful to the Hebrew in Job 1:6
KJV Minute #11 1 Samuel 13:1 in the NIV
KJV Minute #12 NASB Contradicts and Misquotes itself Psalm 8:5
KJV Minute #13 John 6:47 and other soul winning verses
KJV Minute #14 the NKJV says to reject Jesus Christ Titus 3:10
KJV Minute #15 Ridiculous Contradiction in NLT Galatians 3:16 and Genesis 22:17-18
KJV Minute #16 Most Hell References have been Removed from Modern Versions
KJV Minute #17 NIV uses the word rape in Deut 22:28
KJV Minute #18 NIV calls Joseph the father of Jesus
KJV Minute #19 Acts 8:37 Removed from Modern Versions
KJV Minute #20 Modern Versions Attack Christ’s Pre Existence in Micah 5:2
KJV Minute #21 In the 2011 NIV, Jesus is Angry for No Reason Mark 1:41
KJV Minutes ALL 21


Post Trib Moments ALL 60 
Post Tribulation Moment Intro
Post Tribulation Moment #1 Christ’s Return Is NOT At Hand.
Post Tribulation Moment #2 Modern Perversions of the Bible
Post Tribulation Moment #3 Comfort One Another With These Words
Post Tribulation Moment #4 The Rapture in Mathew 24
Post Tribulation Moment #5 No Man Knoweth the Day or the Hour
Post Tribulation Moment #6 The Elect Will NOT Be Deceived
Post Tribulation Moment #7 Mark 13 Is Speaking To All- Verse 37
Post Tribulation Moment #8 Simon the Canaanite and Luke 21
Post Tribulation Moment #9 No Pre-Trib Rapture Taught Before 1830
Post Tribulation Moment #10 Darby Damned
Post Tribulation Moment #11 Job 14 12 Till the Heavens be no More
Post-Tribulation Moment #12 The Day of the Lord in 1 Thessalonians 5
Post-Tribulation Moment #13 the Tribulation is NOT God’s Wrath
Post Tribulation Moment #14 He Who Now Letteth Will Let
Post-Tribulation Moment #15 Acts 14:22 Through Much Tribulation Enter into the Kingdom of God
Post-Tribulation Moment #16 The 24 Elders in Heaven Do NOT Prove a Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Post-Tribulation Moment #17 It is Well with My Soul Post Trib Hymn
Post-Tribulation Moment #18 Revelation 4:1 is NOT the Rapture
Post-Tribulation Moment #19 The Rapture in Revelation 7
Post-Tribulation Moment #20 Chronological Order of Revelation
Post-Tribulation Moment #21 the Rapture in Revelation 14
Post-Tribulation Moment #22 Church not mentioned after Revelation 3
Post-Tribulation Moment #23 Symbolism of Revelation 4:1
Post-Tribulation Moment #24 the Time of Jacob’s Trouble Jeremiah 30 7
Post-Tribulation Moment #25 Acts 1 Shall So Come In Like Manner
Post-Tribulation Moment #26 John 16 33 In the World Ye Shall Have Tribulation
Post-Tribulation Moment #27 Daniel 9 27 Confirm the Covenant with MANY
Post-Tribulation Moment #28 The First Resurrection
Post-Tribulation Moment #29 The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Post-Tribulation Moment #30 1 Thessalonians 3
Post-Tribulation Moment #31 Revelation 3 10 The Hour of Temptation
Post-Tribulation Moment #32 Olivet Discourse in John
Post-Tribulation Moment #33 the Mark of the Beast brain scan technology
Post-Tribulation Moment #34 Sabbath Day not mentioned in Mark 13
Post-Tribulation Moment #35 More on Mark 13
Post-Tribulation Moment #36 Even More on Mark 13
Post-Tribulation Moment #37 Where is God’s Wrath in Matt 24
Post-Tribulation Moment #38 Chronological Order of Book of Revelation
Post-Tribulation Moment #39 Two Mentions of Tribulation in Romans
Post-Tribulation Moment #40 The Feasts of the Lord
Post-Tribulation Moment #41 The Antichrist Comes BEFORE Jesus Christ
Post-Tribulation Moment #42 2 Corinthians 1 4
Post-Tribulation Moment #43 Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Post-Tribulation Moment #44 Revelation 3 10 Revisited
Post-Tribulation Moment #45 Drunkenness in 1 Thessalonians 5
Post-Tribulation Moment #46 All the Tribes of the Earth
Post-Tribulation Moment #47 Revelation 19 looks nothing like Matthew 24
Post-Tribulation Moment #48 The 144,000 Israelites of Revelation 7 & 14
Post-Tribulation Moment #49 The Nation of Israel
Post-Tribulation Moment #50 the Blessed Hope
Post-Tribulation Moment #51 the Day of the Lord
Post-Tribulation Moment #52 Enoch
Post-Tribulation Moment #53 Noah and Lot
Post-Tribulation Moment #54 The Word Elect in the NT
Post-Tribulation Moment #55 the Synagogue of Satan
Post-Tribulation Moment #56 A Wife Beater
Post-Tribulation Moment #57 The Day of Christ
Post-Tribulation Moment #58 The Gates of Hell
Post-Tribulation Moment #59 Isaiah 26
Post-Tribulation Moment #60 The Secret Rapture
Post Trib Moments ALL 60


Momento de Israel #1 Cristianos son Ciudadanos de Israel
Momento de Israel #2 So called Jews are not Real Jews
Momento de Israel #3 Jewish Synagogue Synagogue of Satan
Momento de Israel #4 Revelation 3 9 on the Synagogue of Satan
Momento de Israel #5 Christians Inherit the Promises of Abraham
Momento de Israel #6 All Nations Blessed through Abraham
Momento de Israel #7 Christ rejecting Jews are Children of the Devil
Momento de Israel #8 Abraham No Es El Padre De Los Judios Mateo 3:9
Momento De Israel #9 The Holy Nation is made up of All True Christians
Momento De Israel #10 Israel is No Longer the Holy Nation Exodus 19:5-6
Momento de Israel #11 Todos Los Incredulos Judios Han Sido Desechados
Momento de Israel #12 Los Judios Son Nuestros Enemigos
Momento de Israel #13 Cuando Terminará El Endurecimiento De Israel
Momento De Israel #14 La Nación De Israel Ha Sido Remplazada
Momento De Israel #15 Los Judíos Son Anti-Cristo
Momento De Israel #16 Los Judíos Adoran un Dios Diferente al de los Cristianos
Momento De Israel #17 Participando En Las Malas Obras De Los Judíos
Momento De Israel #18 Soporte Militar Para Israel
Momento De Israel #19 Evitando Genealogías
Momento De Israel #20 Los Judíos No Creen En El Torá
Momento De Israel #21 Los No Creyentes Judíos Estan Bajo La Ira De Dios
Momento De Israel #22 Los Judíos Mataron A Jesús
Momento De Israel #23 Fuerzas De La Oscuridad Detrás De Israel Convirtiéndose En Nación
Momento De Israel #24 Los Judíos Son Espiritualmente Ismael
Momento De Israel #25 Judíos Persiguiendo Cristianos
Momento De Israel #26 Los Judíos Son Los Racistas
Momento De Israel #27 Los Personas Elegidas Escogidas No Seran Engañadas
Momento De Israel #28 Los Elegidos (Escogidos) Estan Justificados Por Cristo
Momento De Israel #29 Los Elegidos (Escogidos) Estan En Cristo Colosenses 3:11-12
Momento De Israel #30 Salvación Es Lo Que Nos Hace Elegidos En El Nuevo Testamento
Momento De Israel #31 Los Judíos Leen La Biblia Con Los Ojos Vendados
Momento De Israel #32 Los Judíos Adoran Un dios Falso Llamado Shekhiná
Momento De Israel #33 La Estrella De David Es Un Fraude
Momento De Israel #34 Los Incircuncisos Judios En El AT No Eran Las Personas De Dios
Momento De Israel #35 Hacerse Judío Esther 8 17
Momento De Israel #36 Los Judíos De Hoy Son Incircuncisos De Corazón
Momento De Israel #37 Qué Es El Talmud

Momentos Post-Tribulación- Introducción
Momentos Post-Tribulación #1 Jesucristo no Regresara en Cualquier Momento
Momentos Post-Tribulación #2 Las Perversiones Modernas de la Biblia
Momentos Post-Tribulación #3 Consolaos Unos a Otros Con Estas Palabras
Momentos Post-Tribulación #4 El Rapto en Mateo 24
Momentos Post-Tribulación #5 Nadie Sabe El Día o La Hora
Momentos Post-Tribulación #6 Los Elegidos No Serán Engañados
Momentos Post-Tribulación #7 Marcos 13
Momentos Post-Tribulación #8 Simon el Cananeo y Lucas 21
Momento Pos-Tribulación # 9 El Rapto Pre-tribulación no es enseñado antes de 1830
Momento Pos-Tribulación # 10 Darby Dammed
Momento Pos-Tribulación # 11 Job 14 12 Hasta Que No Haya Cielo


Le chemin pour le Paradis, selon la Bible
Israel Moment #1- Les Chretiens sont les citoyens d’Israel
Israël Moment #2 Les soi-disant «juifs» ne sont pas les vrais Juifs
Israel Moment #3 Synagogue Juive= Synagogue de Satan
Israël Moment #4 Apocalypse 3:9 Sur la Synagogue de Satan
Post Tribulation Moment #1 Le retour du Christ n’est pas imminent!
Post Tribulation Moment #2 Perversions Modernes de la Bible
Post Tribulation Moment #3 Encouragez-vous donc mutuellement par ces paroles
Post Tribulation Moment #4 l’Enlèvement des Elus dans Mathieu 24
Post Tribulation Moment #5 Aucun homme ne connait ni le jour ni l’heure
Post Tribulation Moment #6 Les Elus ne seront pas séduits
Post Tribulation Moment #7 Marc 13 s’adresse a Tous- verset 24-37
Post Tribulation Moment #8 Simon le Cananéen et Luc 21 
Post Tribulation Moment #9  Aucune Doctrine de l’Enlèvement avant …
La 70eme semaine de Daniel- Chart in French

Chronologie de Revelation- Chart in French



19 thoughts on “Transcription Library

  1. Awesome! Can you post the Spanish transcripts here also? So far I only found the one for Momento #1. I’m thinking about recording these videos in Spanish, so the Spanish transcripts would be very helpful. Thank you so much for doing this. I know it is A LOT of hard work!

    – Pastor Anderson


    • I will be posting the first 10 or so transcripts in Spanish here within within a day or so. Also, I will begin the “Post-Trib moments” series in like fashion. I am hoping to drum up interest in the Latin-american community for Después De La Tribulación, as well as to set a precedent for others to begin translating your videos and sermons regularly. There is much more to come, Lord willing. One step at a time for me.

      If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses?

      Honestly, thanks for preaching the word.


    • Just posted the 10 English Post-Trib moments, the Spanish translation for the Bible Way to Heaven, and the first 2 Spanish “Momentos Post-Tribulación”

      Psalms 25:10
      All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.


  2. Después De La Tribulación is going to be released on October 3. There will be a pre-screening in Tempe, Arizona, on September 19. If you put up any Spanish post-trib moment text, I will try to get them recorded in Spanish to help promote Después. It will be a lot easier for me to record them with a script to work from.


    • Dear Pastor Anderson, I have been watching your preachings and they are just simply awsome!!!! 🙂 I am in France and basically a native french speaker. I have been wondering how or what you could do in order to make your preaching available for a French speaking audience as well. If you have ever thought of it can I be of a help? I actually speak and understand 3 languages (French, English and Russian). I got baptized on May 26 this year, and until this very morning I was confused about salvation and works…your preaching did bring me a blessing this morning because I am living a situation that is not quite easy for me spiritually. Thank you for your spiritual devotion and may the LORD bless you so much!!!!!


      • HI Stella, thank you for the post and congratulations on the Baptism. This is Simon, the creator of this blog. I am incredibly thankful that someone with your proficiency in languages has stumbled across this site. It would be a blessing if you were to create a mirror of Pastor Anderson’s Sanderson1611 channel, with french subtitles, to reach french audiences. I am currently writing a post which may help you in this regard, entitled “How to Help”, which will be up shortly on the main page. If you are proficient in both Russian and French, it would be brilliant to see some Russian, or French subtitles also.

        God bless you.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Great! Given that there are 66 Post-trib moments, I was thinking maybe to translate 2 or so a day, that way, although this would not work for the pre-screening, it would mean that you could possibly re-release the whole series in Spanish by the October 3 release date. Also, it would allow me to keep up with the Israel Moments in Spanish, as well as the other work I am doing on the Revelation Series, etc. Over the weekends, I should have time to accomplish more, but a very conservative estimate is to say 2 a day.

      I was hoping also that you might re-record the gospel presentation video “The Bible Way to Heaven”. I have already finished the English transcription, and will have it translated ASAP. All going well, I will end up with enough videos to create a dedicated Spanish mirror for the Sanderson1611 channel, or continue hybrid Spanglish channel like the one I have now.

      Thanks again for posting on here
      Ecclesiastes 4:12


      • So far, I have uploaded Israel Moment #1 in Spanish, and I will continue to do more. The plan is for Roger Jimenez to do the Post Trib Moments in Spanish, which will be even better since he is a native speaker. Thanks again for all the hard work!


  3. I have uploaded the Spanish way to heaven from Pastor Jimenez. I am a couple of minutes away from posting up Post-trib moments 11-14 English transcripts, as well as 2 Spanish transcripts for the same. I will do my best to find way to expedite the process of uploading, transcribing etc. I know it would profit much to have all all of your sermons available in transcript form. Thanks for taking the time to post here Pastor, and thanks to Pastor Jimenez. God bless FWBC and it’s extended family of churches greatly.


    • Hello Vincent!

      That is really great to hear! There are 3 different avenues to help out.
      1) Translate the transcripts-available here in this library.
      2) Transcribe new transcripts and email them either to myself of Pastor Anderson to be added to his website or mine.
      3) Add translated subtitles to Pastor Anderson’s videos, and post them on your own dedicated youtube channel as a German version of Pastor Anderson’s Sanderson1611 channel.

      I am sure you are aware of this already, but Pastor Anderson speaks German quite fluently. So perhaps it would be of most benefit to transcribe or translate the transcripts of “After the Tribulation”, “New World Order Bible Versions” and the “Book of Revelation Series”. I suspect these will have the most impact in bringing in people to hear sound doctrine being preached.

      If you would like a smaller project, which can be undertaken at your leisure, I would suggest translating the “Israel Moments” series, or the “Post Trib moments” series. That way you can get a feel for the process of translating. I have had success with doing things this way myself, as it has allowed me to make further compilation videos, exposing the false pre-trib rapture to others.

      It is really up to you, as the Holy Spirit leads. If you want to translate other videos of Pastor Anderson, great!

      There is a nice lady who is currently translating the Israel Moments series into French. I wish you the best of luck in beginning this endeavor.

      “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.” Ecclesiastes 9:10

      Whatever you translate, I will add to my site. Thankyou again! Schönen Dank


      • Hi,

        I will begin by translate in french the Israël moment, but is there anybody already working on it ? It’s not usefull to make two time the job.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Olivier,

    Excellent, glad to hear you are keen. There is currently a french lady, Estelle, who is helping out with french translations. However, this kind of work is a team effort, and any help we can get is very much appreciated. So far, the first three “Israel Moments” have been translated into french. If you would like to start with Israel Moment #4, that would be brilliant.

    Again, thanks Olivier for your contribution to this project!


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